Big Cat Experience

Wildlife - Game Drives - Magaliesburg

Welcome !
On a journey to experience the largest feline predators ...     
You will be introduced to Clouded Leopards, Lions, White Tigers, Leopard, Black Leopard, Jaguar, Panthers and more...

It's a full day program, all inclusive i.e. entrance fees, Al la Carte lunch & a drink !                                                

It's a mere 45 minute drive out of Johannesburg, and offers a truly wild experience that you won't soon forget !

The day will be spent with Gary Whyte, who is totally passionate about the Big Cats...                                                                                                   
Itinerary !
09h45 - 10h00  Meet & greet at the entrance to Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve           

Bottled water & a biltong snack will be served !

10h15 Cub interaction at the crèche - fees included !
Interaction with an adult male Cheetah !

Educational walk & talk through 'Big Cat Alley' where you will see:
Clouded Leopards, Leopard, Black Leopards, Panthers, Servals, and White Tigers.

A walk through the new African Garden. Here you will see White Peacocks, many Tortoises and small Buck species !

12h00 - 12h15 Head off to lunch, includes a drink !
After lunch a slow drive will be taken through the Reserve where you could see Rhino, Buffalo, Eland and many more Buck species !

A trip through the predator camp will be part of the drive. Lions, Wild Dogs, White Lions also await you !

As we exit the Reserve, you will be introduced to more Big Cats at the breeding facility ! Here you will see: Lions and Siberian Tigers

New Attraction:  Feed the Giraffes- now included in the rate ! A nice way to end the day off...

We operate Monday to Saturday 09h45 - approx 15h30 ! Weather permitting !